Our mission
Through its long history, the company has managed to achieve it's two main objectives: to produce and distirbute the highest possible quality finished product and at the same time, ensure the satisfaction of its partners at all levels.

Production is monitored at all stages:
  • Careful selection of raw material from Greek importers and direct cooperation with foreign firms. Thourough sub-categorization and quality control of the selected solid wood ensures the manufacture of high quality products.
  • Executive overseeing of the production process at all stages (processing, packaging, storage and distribution). Resulting in  the best  quality-cost relationship of the finished product. Something that is recognized and appreciated by our partners, all these years.
  • Distribution of goods in the shortest possible time with company's owned trucks, or cooperative logistic and transport companies.

We thank all those who choose to put our products in their stores, thereby acknowledging our firm’s commitment to detailed production and in servicing our partners.
Antislip impregnated deck in Pine with built in brown color
Wall paneling diagonal (26/15) 26χ110mm Pine AB'
Fencing with diagonal join impregnated in Pine with built in brown color
concept by: Busy Bee design