Our technological expertise and machinery of the company, gives us the flexibility to meet any special needs our partners might have.

By listening to the market - pulse for special-profile projects and new trends, the company is able to design and implement anything other than the  basic products that it produces. Based on your specifications and requirements of quality and dimensions, we “mould the wood” making possible any of your designs.

Finally, all the above, can be done in your own supply of timber,  charging only the cost of  labor and not that of the raw material. We provide processing services (planing, cutting, impregnation, packaging) in your own timber, always focused, in the production of the highest possible quality  result, something which has always been our essential purpose and driving goal.

Customized mouldings according clients requirements.

Skirting 21χ110mm   No 216  Ending for clik floor 25χ65mm για Brushed-old aged floor for internal use 28χ190mm in Pine A'  Indoor floor-ceiling 44χ190mm V Skirting board 32χ140mm No 233 Ending for floor-stair 20χ40mm

Antislip impregnated deck in Pine with built in brown color
Wall paneling diagonal (26/15) 26χ110mm Pine AB'
Fencing with diagonal join impregnated in Pine with built in brown color
concept by: Busy Bee design